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Travelling with Mother all began with a diary entry that I made when Mother and I set off on our BIG MOVE! Mother, as many of you know, is a little eccentric and along with that comes her impulsiveness and spontaneity. 

Arriving home from work one day in 2012, to our beautiful Edwardian house, Mother announced why she was busy packing boxes; apparently we were on the move again. Not just along the road or even across the country. This time would be a much bigger adventure.  “We’re moving to Spain, Darling. I’ve had quite enough of all this rain and grey nonsense“. 

Despite my early panic attack at having to leave my friends, my new boyfriend (who I quite liked at the time) and my gorgeous ‘forever’ bedroom, I knew deep inside that this was another of Mother’s great adventures and that we would have a lot of fun and laughter along the way.


Here, we will frequently post the latest news of what we and our partners are up to. It will also include news of our latest social media posts and especially news of our latest CEGS challenge. Importantly, it will include news arriving from those we most admire! We hope you will check in here at least weekly – just click on  ‘more’ where you will be directed to the full article.


CEGS  is exciting; an invention that came about from something terribly negative but has developed into something truly positive and matters to everyone. Not only is it my initials –  Charlotte-Elizabeth Gabriella –  but it also stands for Cancer Evading Gourmet.*

When my auntie died of cancer, I was just 13 and had no interest in food and nutrition but for some reason I immediately related her cause of death to her lifestyle and in particular the food and drink she consumed. Since then, I have been very conscious about what we eat and drink at home. Mother hates cooking anyway, as so many of you know, so the kitchen was overturned to me.

Nowadays, we both have very strong beliefs that not just your health but your lifestyle too will depend so much on what you consume. Interactions with people and everyday challenges will change for a life far better. I want to share that with everyone; Mother and I live a stress-free life with good health and a great prediction of a future with CEGS

Click here to see all CEGS recipes, inspired by some of my favourite countries around the world.

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Below you will find the latest video which has just gone live on my YouTube channel:

The videos started in a predictable fashion when many of my blog readers asked me to vlog these experiences with Mother.  As you will see from the collection of videos so far, it really is a library full of Mother being Mother. Eccentric, as the dictionary might explain accurately; ‘unconventional and slightly strange’.



Here is precisely where it all began.  We set off for the BIG MOVE (See About Us) and whilst Mother carted along her prized possessions, I travelled with my diary, thinking that perhaps I would journal our route. 

Arriving at the Eurotunnel, Mother’s madness began. Instead of doing what every other driver in front of us did; calmly leaning out of the driver’s window and handing travel documents to the official on duty, Mother removes herself completely from the vehicle, walks around the car, opening the trunk, exposing our belongings, as she goes.  Instead of the usual travel documents, she hands over a very, very long list of items that are stowed away in the car. She wanted proper legal clearance of every item as she didn’t want to be stopped ‘on the other side’…

Anyway, as I said, that was only the start. Be sure to begin with the first post! 


Travelling was a joint passion before the birth of the brand ‘Travelling with Mother’. Almost everyone enjoys travelling, seeing the world and exploring hidden gems. When Mother and I travel, our fun starts the minute we leave home. Whether it’s travelling on the train to do a spot of shopping or jetting off to an exotic location, Mother always makes the experience unique. I have a mountain of memories of travelling with mother as far back as a week at The London Boat Show when I was just 2 weeks old! My 2nd birthday was celebrated in the South of France and at 6 years old I was welcomed into the University of Oahu, Hawaii. There’s a very long list of places we have explored since and an even longer list of places we haven’t touched down in quite yet!


Mother and I enjoy the luxury things in life as much as the next person. Well, Mother is more inclined to luxury 24/7, whereas I am happy as Larry to relax in some pyjamas with a cup of tea and a movie every now and again. However, the luxury we share is that we both fall in love with everything beautiful. We are the explorers! I am lucky enough to have been raised by the ocean all my life and currently reside on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. With the long days of clear blue skies and sunshine – every day is beautiful.  Although most days are spent working or studying, I always find something beautiful to experience. I capture it all on Instagram or Instagram Stories and I never fail to appreciate that there is beauty in everything.


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